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Welcome to the novels and short stories of William Dawson!

The Maze Garden

The Hanging Tree is said to grow in a secret garden at the centre of a maze. If you carve the name of the person that you hate most onto the Tree's bark, the Tree will send out roots and shoots, and creepers and vines, and it will snatch that person and hang them from its branches. But if you try to use the Tree twice, the Tree will take the person that you love the most instead.

When Hana was a child, she lost her best friend in mysterious circumstances. Now, back in the city that she grew up in, as the Guilds prepare to go to war with each other, Hana must face her own past and the lies that surround her if she is going to prevent history from repeating itself.

Little does she know that the Green Men are watching...

An Angel of Glass


​Peter is the son of a railway signalman; Sophie is the ninth in line to the throne. When their lives collide, the entire world will feel it.

In the aftermath of a tragic train crash, Peter Dray sets out to clear his father's name. It is a quest that will take him from criminal underworld to revolutionary conspiracy, and it will put him on a collision course with Princess Sophie.


Sophie is seeking an explanation for the terrible phantom that she saw stalking through the wreckage of the derailed train. She fears that there is a plot against her family, one that she intends to thwart at all costs.


Sometimes together, sometimes against each other, Peter and Sophie will navigate thieves and Emperors, petty-angels and underdemons, as they seek to unravel the mystery of the Grinning Man. But finding the truth may come with a terrible cost.

Secrets are buried for a reason. 


Short Stories



My take on what a dragon would really be like. With pictures!​



An ill-fated expedition to Hell stumbles across Dante's Paolo and Francesca. With pictures!​


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