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A Twisted Messiah

Millie is hearing voices. A malevolent presence lurks under her thoughts, eavesdropping on the anger of the people around her, enflaming it, and pushing it towards confrontation.

To make matters worse a pamphlet is going around, predicting the coming of a Twisted Messiah, who will turn the anger of the world into a divine mallet capable of overthrowing the Apostles.

Millie doesn't want to overthrow anybody. But the forces of instability are growing strong, and maybe the world does need changing for the better.

The prophecy, however, is malleable, and an underground motley of scientists, investors, secret societies, and religious fanatics are attempting to bend it in their favour.

And somebody, somewhere, has tried to break into Heaven...
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William Dawson is a Leeds based author in search of an agent!  Please feel free to pass on any feedback through the 'Contact me' page!

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