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A Twisted Messiah

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For the past five hundred years, the Apostles have ruled by Divine Right, protected from rebellion by the Grace of God.

Or so they claim.

Millie keeps hearing voices. A sinister presence lurks under her thoughts, eavesdropping on the anger of the people around her, enflaming it, and pushing it towards confrontation. She cannot shut it up.

To make matters worse a pamphlet is going around, outlining three escalating prophecies that will herald a time of upheaval. Millie suspects that the prophecies are about her.

She's not alone. A motley of scientists, secret societies, adventurers and religious fanatics have mobilised, eager to bend the prophecies to their own ends.

Because something very dark is coming.

And it might be Millie.

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William Dawson is a Leeds based author in search of an agent!  Please feel free to pass on any feedback through the 'Contact me' page!

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